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I'm launching this newsletter to help us instigate the change we all want to see.

The idea is to push the private sector to take bold action on the environment — now, before it's too late. This won't be about business as usual. Rather, we want to challenge business leaders and institutional investors to think big, engage all stakeholders, and partner with civil society in new ways.

We’ll also ask the environmental community — NGOs, donors, activists, and academics — to strengthen these private sector initiatives. And we’ll show how other stakeholders — employees, customers, shareholders — can help drive all of this too. From time to time, we’ll also highlight individual strategies for optimizing your personal impact.

My goal is to tackle huge environmental challenges in ways that make business sense. I’ll present strategies and positive examples we can learn from and straightforward advice from people on the front lines. I’ll give critics a full hearing too. (If there’s one thing I learned at The Nature Conservancy, it’s that critics are often the ones with some of the best advice.)

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll ask questions as best I can and I’ll try hard to encourage all of us on this important campaign.

I look forward to this important journey with you. You can always find my thoughts at marktercek.org and don’t forget to follow me on social media for more of my quick takes and commentary on the news of the day.