mark,,just out of curiosity,,quent lent me this intense and very thought provoking book called "My Year Of Meat",,forget the author(japanese /american),,blew me away!ever hear of it?(stupid question kana??)

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mark,,loved reading this!i plan to check out the many references suggested here and want to subscribe to the INSTIGATOR(still thinking about a clay" instigator" piece!!!!keep me posted,,best,brian

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We are thinking big but need your help to get on the way.

Mark Twain said: "Buy land, they're not making it anymore"

If this was the advice of Samuel Clemens in the 19th century, then one would suspect that his advice for a 21st century entrepreneur would be to buy and conserve land.

Conservation of land in the 21st century, no longer equates to zero economic return or loss of economic control for a private real estate corporation. Fortunately, with the development of the Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) structure of operations, all stakeholders associated with our conservation based real estate projects will profit. DSM Land, PBC is a exemplary model of a public benefit corporation whereby there are win-win opportunities for all profit and non-profit entities involved in operations; all investors can receive profits and sale-able tax credits; current non-profits will benefit from multifaceted programs, and most importantly future generations will have controlled focused public access to conserved irreplaceable land.

The mission of DSM Land, PBC is to be a model of a privately held real estate corporate structure that produces profits for shareholders while providing social and environmental benefits as detailed in the list below. These positive outcomes start with the consolidation of the 800 acre land development at Project Weaselskin:

• Wildlife habitat and archaeological site conservation for educational and research purposes with unique opportunities for ecotourism, educational based or private rental of the property

• Equine experiential education and therapy for populations in need with sale of associated products and intellectual goods/services

• Athletic and healthy lifestyle promotion and coaching enrichment programs for sale

• Sustainable regenerative agricultural and forest product sales with associated education, research, and agro-tourism.

• Energy production and sale with associated education and research in renewable sources

• Local social, educational and cultural organization collaboration with multi-tiered rental contracts

The economic and social impacts from Project Weaselskin and future DSM Land development projects will be easy to enumerate but the costs carried by future generations with the loss of irreplaceable land will only be known if the projects are never undertaken. The current economic risk will be minimal compared to the future benefits shared by investors and community benefactors alike.

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