I love Patagonia. My book consultant was head of Patagonia Books and when I finished it she gave me a 50% discount coupon. We bought a boatload of stuff from their flagship surf-oriented shop in Cardiff (San Diego) (which also has winter gear) including my current wetsuit. My next wetsuit will def be another Patagonia—extremely well designed and comfortable.

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Got to say Mark

Not one of your best

If all did as advised Patagonia would be giving Yvon another $ 3BN headache or gift -ache in double quick time.

Our actions would undermine the original gesture …,,,,,

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I don't think you're right (but perhaps I'm missing something). I understand the deal as follows: 1) the new trust now owns 100% of Patagonia; 2) the beneficiaries of the trust will be enviro non profits ; 3) therefore, all profits of Patagonia flow to the trust and in turn all proceeds to trust flow to non profits. Therefore, 4) if customers buy more from Patagonia and sales and profits increase, more $ flow to non profits than otherwise. Yvon no longer owns the company. What do you think I'm missing?

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